- The Master of 3D -
John Carmack


   The man, the myth, the legend: John Carmack. He's considered the greatest programmer of his type in the entire world, and he's stunned the gaming community numerous times with each new 3-D graphics engine he's created.  

    John Carmack was born on January 1, 1955. Very early in life, John knew that he wanted to work with computers. However he admits that in his early years he was unhappy, arrogant, and sort of amoral (to the point that he was confined to a juvenile home for a year). Later, he attended the University of Missouri (UMKC), taking only computer science classes.  John soon dropped out to start programming full time but struggled doing contract programming on his own.  While doing contract work, John met Jay Wilbur and Tom Hall. John was convinced to work for Softdisk Publishing (in 1990) through meeting John Romero and Lane Roath.  As you will see, Carmack's stay at Softdisk was not long.

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